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Barwell Parish Council

Serving the people of Barwell

Barwell 1

Clerk: Andrew Ellis
10 High Street, Barwell, Leicester, LE9 8DQ

Tel: 01455 844229

High Street, Barwell

Situated to the north-east of Hinckley, Barwell occupies a high point on the ridge from Earl Shilton to Hinckley.

Physical evidence from Neolithic to the Roman period has been found, especially with the confindes of St Mary's Church. The village was first mentioned in the doomsday book as Berryall but was later changed to Barwell.

Barwell was best know for its boot and shoe trade boasting 11 shoe manufacturers in 1896. The area became a major centre of production, manufacturing boots for the army during the first world war. During the 1970's foreign competition made shoe production uneconomical and within 20 years the industry had collapsed leaving only two shoe companies and the factory buildings to mark the industry's passing.

The village has two churches. In Church Lane a 13th Century church called St Mary's Parish Church, Barwell and Barwell Methodist Church in Chapel Street. The Parish church was built in 1220 and has an interesting board at the back listing all of the rectors beginning with William in 1209 up to the present day

The town has a successful football and cricket teams and also a large indoor bowling complex.

The Queens head is the oldest public house and the oldest building, apart from St Mary's Church.

Barwell was the site of a major meteor impact in the UK. On Christmas Eve 1965, the village was showered with fragments, that when combined, were about the size of a traditional Christmas turkey. Fortunately, no one was hurt, although some minor damage to buildings and property occurred.

One Meteorite went though a front of a car destroying the engine. When the Owner of the Car attempted to claim on his insurance company, they replied that it was an Act of God and would not pay. Outraged the Owner went to the priest of the local church and asked for the money saying, If it was an Act of God, the Church should pay for his car. The owner never recevied any money to repair his car.